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What Should I Wear?

Life Jacket: The US Coast Guard requires that all paddleboarders must wear a life jacket or have it with them on his or her board.

Proper Clothing: Depending on the weather or whether or not you plan on jumping in, your activewear can vary. Most people are very comfortable in workout clothes- shorts, tank/t-shirt, and jacket (depending on the season.) We recommend no string bikinis. Just saying.

DO NOT have your phone in your pocket.

Sun Protection: Lather up with sunscreen, bring a hat that you don’t mind getting wet, and sunglasses on a leash. 

Will I Fall Off?

Ahh, the question you’ve been dying to ask since you’ve started reading. Here’s the deal. The boards are very sturdy. You can stand up, sit down, lie down, paddle from your knees, and even do yoga on the board without falling in. Trust us, it takes a little practice, and starting on your knees may help, but most folks get the hang in a few minutes. It’s not that it’s hard to do, it’s overcoming the fear. PS: It’s very easy to get back on the board from the water if you do take a dive!